Covid-19: Supporting our Communities in Europe

All over Europe, our teams are optimizing the substantial financial aid from The Coca-Cola Foundation, channeled through the Red Cross and other local NGOs to support local communities. Along with our bottling partners Coca-Cola European Partners and Coca-Cola Hellenic we are donating beverages and essential food supplies to hospitals, food banks, emergency services and NGOs so as to refresh frontliners and vulnerable groups. We have also repurposed some of our advertising space and offered our logistic network to support partners we work with.Since the pandemic outbreak, we have been focused on ensuring our products are delivered safely to the stores, while doing everything we can to support the impacted businesses and everyone they serve. We have unleashed our creativity and optimized our manufacturing facilities and supply chains to produce and transport needed medical supplies to the COVID-19 front lines. As we look ahead to the post-Covid-19 recovery phase, we’ll work with our customers and local partners to help them readjust and resume business. And we will continue to use our strong local links to support our communities through recovery as well.