Sounds weird, tastes wonderlish: Introducing dairy-free smoothie AdeZ

Meet the latest member of our drinks family: dairy-free smoothie AdeZ. Originating from vibrant South America, it’s available in three scrumptious, on-the-go flavours: Amazing Almond, Awesome Oat and Courageous Coconut.

What is AdeZ?

AdeZ is a new, delicious dairy-free smoothie from Argentina made from seeds and fruit.

Why is it called AdeZ?

AdeZ was born and raised in sunny Argentina, where the word ‘adez’ is short for ‘food from seeds’. Seeds?! We know, it sounds strange, but it’s true: coconut, almond and oats are all seeds and that’s exactly what goes into AdeZ.

Did you know? Coconuts, almonds and oats are all seeds. It’s true! The parts of coconuts, almonds and oats that we know, love and are the main ingredients of our drinks are actually the seeds of the plant.

Did you know? • Almond: not a nut – the bit we eat is the seed of the almond fruit • Coconut: not a fruit or nut (despite the name) • Oat: we know, it’s a grain – but we use it for its seeds

What does it taste like?

We realise we may be slightly biased, but we’d say that AdeZ’s perfect balance of fruit juice and seeds gives it a bold and delicious taste.

But if we had to pick a word? Wonderlish. We don’t believe any normal adjective really does AdeZ justice. We think it tastes Wonderlish but you might think of another word to describe our great taste, so we’ll leave it up to you...

What are the benefits of AdeZ?

  • It’s 100% vegan and vegetarian
  • Perfect if you’re lactose intolerant
  • Ideal for on-the-go
  • Offers plant-based nutrition
  • Has no added sugar
  • Added vitamins and minerals

Where can I find AdeZ?

You can currently find AdeZ chillin’ in the chiller in Boots, Ocado and Amazon, as well as Asda (from the end April 2018). It tastes best ice cold – just give it a shake and enjoy it straight from the fridge. It’s the ideal drink to have on the go as a snack or before hitting the gym.

Why not try AdeZ? You may have found your next favourite drink…

As first appeared in , Apr 2018