Let's all take time for nature

World Environment Day is an opportunity to step back and reflect on our relationship with nature

At Coca-Cola, we believe we all have a responsibility to take a stand, make our voices heard and work together towards a more sustainable future, for our people, our communities and our planet. And as the world will be trying to recover from the Covid-19 crisis, nature must not be left behind.

Protecting biodiversity lies at the heart of our sustainability actions in four key areas: water, packaging, carbon footprint and ingredient sourcing.

Water is everyone’s business

Water is essential to life and our business. And we know we have a responsibility to lead by example, protect local water resources, promote responsible water use and help to ensure access to clean water for all.

Our goals are focused on reducing the water we use to produce our beverages, recycling wastewater at our bottling plants and replenishing every drop of water we use.

Our replenishment work is directly targeted at promoting biodiversity, as we team up with expert partners like WWF. Together, we work to protect Europe’s most endangered rivers. An example of this work is our Living Danube partnership, which helps restore vital floodplains and wetlands, and improve biodiversity and ecosystems along the Danube river. So far, through this joint initiative, we’ve replenished 15.6 million cubic meters of water.

In Great Britain, we’re working with WWF and the Rivers Trust in East Anglia on improving river health and sustainable farming practices. This water management project is replenishing over 1.3 billion liters of water every year and changing the practices of 115 farmers to promote the health of rivers and soils.

It’s also important we work with stakeholders and lawmakers to protect our freshwater resources. Along with our bottling partners in Europe, CCEP and Coca-Cola HBC, and 22 other companies, we recently signed a joint business statement urging the European Commission to maintain the Water Framework Directive in its current form. This law ensures that freshwater ecosystems in Europe are protected and restored, and water is sustainably managed.

In Europe in 2019, we replenished 212,8% of our sales volume through 43 programs in 18 countries
The Europe water replenish volume was more than 56 billion litters while more than 365 km2 of land and water was restored and protected.

Working towards a world without waste

We know we are part of the waste pollution problem and we want to be part of the solution. That’s why we launched our World Without Waste initiative.

Our commitment? To collect and recycle a bottle or a can for each one we sell by 2030, make our packaging 100 percent recyclable by 2025 and use 50 percent recycled material in our bottles and cans by 2030.

We’re acting with urgency across our system to pursue these goals. Because there’s simply no time to waste.

Cutting our carbon footprint

Since 2010, we have reduced our carbon footprint by 24%, and we’re committed to reducing our total carbon emissions 25% below where they were in 2015 by 2030, no matter how much we grow between now and then.

Recently, we co-signed the “Green Recovery: Reboot and reboot our economies for a sustainable future” initiative by Pascal Canfin, EP Environment Committee Chair, as we feel that recovery from the coronavirus crisis must have sustainability at its core,

Cultivating our ingredients better

We’re working with our suppliers to promote sustainable agricultural practices and build supplier capabilities.

On top of this, some of our brands have additional external certification. For instance, Fuze Tea and Costa Coffee are Rainforest Alliance Certified, while Honest Tea and Coffee are organic and Fairtrade-certified.

Doing this ensures that our sustainability commitments are upheld through our supply chain, from farm to table, and with our sustainability values built into the core of our brands.

Globally, 54% of our priority ingredients are sourced sustainably.
82% of juices for our drinks in Europe from sustainable agriculture.

For the planet, for the future

So, as we mark World Environment Day, let’s not forget we all have a role to play in taking a stand for nature. In our business, we work in multiple partnerships – as a system and across society – in a collective effort to create a better shared future for our people, our communities and our planet.