Showing our support to #GreenRecovery

These are challenging times for everyone. Amidst the COVID-19  pandemic, our primary focus is on people– our customers, consumers, employees and the communities we serve. Their health and safety are our top priorities.

At the same time, we remain committed to advancing sustainable growth and addressing climate change. 

We share the view of many in Europe that more needs to be done to prevent climate change getting worse and to prepare vulnerable communities to deal with its impacts. We welcome the climate-ambition of this European Commission and we will play our part to support a comprehensive climate impact strategy.

We’re working to prevent the effects of climate change by  reducing our carbon footprint while encouraging our partners and suppliers to do the same. At the same time, we’re helping vulnerable communities prepare for the effects of climate change, so they can adapt and thrive. By 2030 we’ve committed to reduce our total carbon emissions 25% below where they were in 2015. That means no matter how much we grow between now and then, we will emit 25% less carbon in 2030 than we did in 2015

Along with our bottling partners in Europe, CCEP and CCHBC, we are are proud to support the “Green Recovery: Reboot and reboost our economies for a sustainable future” initiative introduced by Pascal Canfin, EP Environment Committeee Chair. An initiative we strongly feel is consistent with our on-going commitment to achieve sustainable growth by being a responsible business.