Supporting communities

Coca-Cola is committed to being a force for good by actively working to promote inclusion and economic development across our business and in the communities where we operate. We believe in the virtuous circle of strong communities supporting a strong business, and that businesses can only be as prosperous and successful as the societies they serve.
We always listen carefully to our stakeholders, customers, employees and consumers and work with our bottling partners to develop local action plans that reflect the local needs of local communities. We recognize businesses such as ours can play a role in addressing consumer concerns about the future, about economic development, equality and societal values both through our own operations and through community programs that touch the lives of consumers.


Whether it is in the area of women’s economic empowerment and our global commitment to economically empower 5 million women by 2020, or youth empowerment and the entrepreneurship schools we run with ThinkYoung, we are committed to developing programs that allow communities to thrive and prosper.
In addition to through our business initiatives, more than 1% of Coca-Cola’s global profits each year are allocated to our philanthropic The Coca-Cola Foundation, that aims to help address severe societal challenges such as disaster relief.

Learn more on how Coca-Cola is supporting sustainable development around the world here





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