Supporting economies

Coca-Cola is proud to be part of the fabric of communities we serve across the European Union, with local bottling partners and supply-chains producing and serving global and local brands everywhere we operate. We first brought our drinks to Europe in 1900, and have been produced them locally for almost a century since we inaugurated our first Coca-Cola bottling plant in Paris in 1919.



Today, Coca-Cola and our bottling partners operate more than 90 bottling plants and directly employ more than 50,000 people across Europe, and for every direct job, we see a multiplier of an additional 8-10 indirect jobs generated at our retailers, distributors and suppliers.  Europe also serves as an important global hub for expertise, resources and capabilities, including our state-of-the-art research & development facility near Brussels, which is our second largest innovation laboratory in the world and produces more than 1,600 different drinks for more than two billion consumers around the world. 


Our commitment to building local supply-chains and continually investing in our business growth helps ensure we are able to make a substantial economic contribution to member states and the single market economy across the European Union.





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