Supporting health & wellbeing

Our future direction, which we call Our Way Forward, is centered on evolving our business and portfolio to give people more of the drinks they want, and because we know people’s tastes and preferences are changing, we’re changing too. We know that while sugar in moderation is fine, too much of it isn’t good for anyone.  That’s why we support the current recommendation by several health authorities, including the World Health Organization that people should limit added-sugar to 10% of their total energy intake, and we’ve begun a journey towards that goal.

We’re making meaningful changes both inside and outside the bottle of the drinks we serve.  We’re reducing sugar and calories across many of our brands.  We’re offering more new drinks such as organic tea, juices and purified water that provide benefits like nutrition and hydration.  We’re making smaller, more convenient packs so controlling sugar is easier and we’re giving people the clear easy-to-find nutritional information they need to make truly informed choices.   We’re also maintaining our long-standing commitment to market responsibly and never advertise to under 12s.


We recognize that obesity and non-communicable diseases are a serious societal challenge across Europe, and that’s why we are working with associations and industry to achieve meaningful progress together.  That includes working with the European soft drinks industry (UNESDA) to reduce added-sugars across the industry by 10% by 2020, and removing all added-sugar drinks from secondary schools across the EU by end 2018.


More information about our progress in Europe can be found in this infographic





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